washi tape cards

Have you discovered the wonders of washi tape yet? I had read about it a long time ago on How About Orange, but a recent blog post inspired me to finally buy a set and start experimenting.

To make these Valentine’s Day cards: use a cookie cutter and a potato to make a heart-shaped stamp. You could also use a knife to make the heart if you don’t have a cookie cutter. Then squirt some paint onto palette paper (or a palette). Dip potato stamp into paint, then stamp hearts in a random fashion all over nice paper. Cut cards to desired size. (I made small ones (pictured above) for my kids’ school Valentine’s Day exchange but I plan on making a large one today for the husband.) Add a decorative edge with washi tape.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS: Lovebirds Valentine’s Day card.

heart-shaped potato stamp
washi tape
potato stamps