Chapter 1: Bread

Friends, next Tuesday, Bread Toast Crumbs will be here. To any of you who have pre-ordered it, thank you! If you haven’t, there’s still time. Here’s a little video that captures the spirit of the first chapter. (Toast and Crumbs videos to follow.)

A few quick notes:

• There’s still space at HGS Home Chef for the 2-3 pm class. There will be books, bread, and gifts (Dot and Army cloth bowl covers & peasant bread kits).

• I recently spoke with Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden, which was so much fun. Margaret’s blog is an inspiration! Check out this planting calculator. I can’t wait to get my tomato seeds going.

That’s it! Hope you all are well.

Sometimes all you want is a no-frills stuffing: bread tossed with seasoning, mixed with copious amounts of butter, onions, and celery. But sometimes you want a stuffing studded with dried cranberries and chestnuts, laced with sweet onions (also sautéed in copious amounts of butter), strewn with kale that crisps up like chips as irresistible as the crusty cubes it surrounds. You can have both In this Bread Toast Crumbs Cookbook. //