Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Just a fan of this particular Prosecco. 

I sampled Lamberti Prosecco at the Niskayuna Wine Store one Friday afternoon last fall and immediately bought a couple of bottles. A few weeks later, I had the brilliant idea of buying a case of it to get the discount.

The discount turned out to be just one of many boons of buying it by the case: How nice not to have to stop at the wine store en route to every holiday party in search of a host or hostess gift? How nice to have something on hand to give to the unexpected visitor? How nice to have a stash of bubbly at the ready to toast every holiday gathering, impromptu or planned, of the season?

Plus, how delicious is Prosecco? How light and refreshing? How amenable to mixing with all sorts of spirits? And, how gentle on the head, too?

Buying wine by the case is likely not revelatory for many of you, but for me it was kind of mind blowing. We rarely have more than a few bottles of wine on hand at one time, which is, as my mother says, false economy. One day I’ll get with it, but I consider this recent purchase-by-the-case move one step closer to getting there.

Friends, do you have any party or party-preparation tricks up your sleeves? Please share.