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Side Dishes

This dressing, a combination of tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, is the perfect accompaniment to roasted vegetables: from cauliflower to broccoli, carrots to parsnips, onions to cabbage. //

Roasted Vegetables with Tahini, Lemon & Za’atar

A bowl of roasted parsnips with chile-honey butter.

Roasted Parsnips with Chili-Honey Butter

Sheet pan mac n cheese on a plate.

Sheet Pan Mac n’ Cheese

Just-baked potato gratin in its baking dish.

Alice Waters’s Potato Gratin

Balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts.

Ina Garten’s Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

This summer squash gratin couldn't be simpler to throw together, and unlike so many gratins, this one is not laden with cream and cheese. You also can't mess it up. The layer of vegetables can be thin or thick. There's no perfect ratio of squash to topping. This dish is rustic. It's fast. It's easy. Go wild. //

Super Easy Summer Squash Gratin

Charred eggplant produces a creaminess without the help of oil, and the charring moreover imparts such a nice smokiness to the eggplant's flesh. Some sort of flatbread or grilled bread is a must with each of these preparations, and if you happen to have some za'atar in your pantry, the aromatic spice mixture complements the eggplant so nicely. //

Burnt Eggplant with Za’atar Flatbread

When it's too hot to cook, turn off the oven. Nothing could be more refreshing than this cool summery soup — green grape and cucumber gazpacho — and spicy-sweet-crunchy salad: quinoa with mango, lime and ginger. //

Cucumber & Green Grape Gazpacho | Quinoa Salad with Mango, Lime & Ginger

a bowl of tabbouleh


A simple dressing of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice with just a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes works best in this quinoa salad, both complementing quinoa's flavors while not oversaturating its delicate texture. //

Quinoa with Walnuts, Radishes & Spring Onions

What to do with those Radishes …

3 Simple Tartines: Mushroom; Radicchio & Gorgonzola; Fresh Ricotta // Plus A Few More Ideas for Oscar Night

Marinated olives are about as easy as it gets as far as sprucing up the hors d'oeuvres spread goes — a little garlic and orange zest along with a few spices (crushed red pepper flakes and fennel seed) go a long way, and these flavor elements look so pretty in the serving dish as well. //

Super Easy Marinated Olives

This pomegranate salad recipe comes from the book Turquoise by Greg and Lucy Malouf, which my aunt introduced to the family last winter when she served this stunning salad at a dinner party. The myriad textures and sweet-salty-hot dressing make this salad irresistible. //

Green Olive, Walnut & Pomegranate Salad; Thanksgiving Day Recap

It's dishes such as this that make me understand (almost) how people can be vegetarian. In In this slow-cooked kale, kale is blanched first, roughly chopped and then sautéed over low heat for thirty minutes in olive oil with onions, garlic, rosemary and chile de árbol. It's almost black and slightly crispy when finished. It is sweet and addictive. //

Suzanne Goin’s Slow-Cooked Kale ( & Stuffing)

In grilled trout, when the skin crisps, and the meat flakes off the tiny delicate skeleton, tasting not a bit dry or fishy just fresh and delicious, never am I happier. This meal has become a recent favorite. Greens beans, needing nothing more than a three-minute steam and a drizzling of olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon, salt and pepper, are so good right now. And this brown butter orzo "risotto," is a long-time favorite.So easy, so delicious. //

Whole Grilled Trout | Steamed Green Beans | Brown Butter Orzo “Risotto”

In the past six years, subscriptions to CSAs in eastern Pennsylvania, southern California and northern Virginia have forever transformed how I eat and cook. I have learned to plan meals based on the vegetables I have at hand not the protein. I have learned to appreciate vegetables in their freshest state seasoned with little more than olive oil, salt and pepper. I have eaten more dark leafy greens than I ever imagined. //

Getting the Most From Your CSA + Two Favorite Potato Recipes

In this eggplant caviar, eggplant is roasted (as opposed to fried), which requires minimal oil, allowing the eggplant's sweet flavor to really shine. And after a gentle mashing with a fork, the eggplant's flesh becomes creamy, a perfect consistency to whip into a spread to spoon over grilled bread. //

Eggplant Caviar on Grilled Bread

This farro salad, a combination of roasted corn, fresh-squeezed lime juice, cilantro, minced chili peppers and diced peppers and onions, has become a weekly staple. If you strategize by chopping the vegetables and herbs while the corn is roasting and the farro is simmering, this salad can come together in just about 20 minutes. It yields a lot, thanks to all of the add-ins, and tastes better with each passing day. //

Julia Child Notecards + Farro Salad with Roasted Corn, Red peppers & Red Onions

Fries with Lemon Salt & Rosemary

If you're in the market for a mandoline, I highly recommend the Benriner, but I would sleep better knowing you purchased a pair of kevlar gloves along with it. And if you have room for another gadget, the Benriner turning slicer does in fact have a place in the kitchen -- for certain vegetables it is a much safer and better tool to use than a mandoline, and if you're at all frightened by the idea of using a mandoline, the turning slicer might be the way to go. //

Benriner Mandoline & Turning Slicer, Kevlar Gloves

This farro salad, when surrounded by all the elements of the Zuni salad — sweet onions, crunchy nuts, spicy greens, a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing — soaks up so much goodness all the while maintaining its chewy texture and nutty flavor. //

Farro Salad with Toasted Pine Nuts, Currants & Mustard Greens

Turnip & Apple Purée

Addictive Kale Caesar Salad with Brioche Croutons