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Why Food Blog SEO Isn’t Magic


Paris Favorites

I visited California Olive Ranch in early November, right at the start of their six-week olive harvest. In addition to visiting an olive grove and riding on an olive harvester, I toured the mill, all of which—from seeing the sea of olive trees to the farm of massive olive oil-filled tanks—was mind boggling. //

2017 California Olive Harvest with California Olive Ranch

Have you ever wondered what it's like on the set of a cookbook photo shoot? I had no idea before this past March, when I spent 10 days with my mother in Oakland for the Bread Toast Crumbs shoot. I wrote about the whole process — finding a photographer, creating the mood board and shot list, and the day-to-day events at the studio in Emeryville. //

Behind the Scenes of a Cookbook Photo Shoot + Every Delicious Morsel We Ate in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco

For three years we've been hearing about Lake George, about how beautiful and clear it is, about the many villages and shops and activities. Over the July Fourth week, we finally saw for ourselves. //

Lake George

Tumbleweed Wanderers


Vergennes Laundry

“Balance is Overrated” — Wisdom from Charlotte Beers and Others at Martha Stewart’s American Made Summit

A sheet pan with 6 acorn squash halves roasted with maple butter.

Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple Butter

Crispy on the edges, creamy in the center, these little chard fritters, squeezed with lemon, make the most lovely Meatless Monday meal. But more importantly they save the fridge from utter and complete dark-leafy-green domination. And for that I couldn't be more grateful. //

Swiss Chard (Or Other Greens) Fritters

It comes as no surprise then that I absolutely adore this toasted muesli. Like granola, the oat mixture is toasted with a little oil — three tablespoons of olive oil — and a sweetener — a half cup of maple syrup. Like muesli, the mixture can be bulked up with dried fruit and puffed cereal or other grains and nuts. A healthy scoop of millet offers the nicest crunch, and the lightly toasted mixture, less sweet than granola, can be enjoyed with milk or yogurt alike. //

Toasted Muesli // Camping at Heart Lake, Lake Placid

Duxbury, Boston, Negroni

Goodbye Marine Corps; Moving to New York // Also, Olive Oil Toast

Champagne & Oysters + Solvang, Los Olivos, Los Alamos, Los Angeles Get Away

Ramos House Cafe

The Best Bloody Mary, Breakfast at Ramos House

I left Slow Food Nation feeling inspired yet overwhelmed by the many issues facing this country (and the world) regarding food production. The "slow food" or "local food" movement has always been driven by the people. Wendell Berry described the ongoing revolutions as a "leaderless movement." //

Michael Pollan’s Nightmare, His Autograph & Some Thoughts From Slow Food Nation

Ferry Building Farmers’ Market Primavera Mexican Stand + So Much Good Food

Last night at 10:30 p.m., Ben and I finally dined at Pizzeria Mozza, the Nancy Silverton-Mario Batali-Joseph Bastianich pizza joint in Hollywood. If I lived closer and if I didn't need to make a reservation a month in advance, would surely be a favorite. I loved everything about this place. //

Pizzeria Mozza — So Yum

Two Things Everyone Should Know

Philadelphia Farmers’ Markets

Grilled Cheese, The Mission & A Petting Zoo

Garlic-Cheese Butter & A San Clemente Sunset

Lunch At Cafe Mimosa After Monthly Bout With Verizon Wireless