12 essential and easy bread recipes

I am a firm believer that anyone can make bread — and really good bread at that.

If you’re new to bread baking, you may want to start here: Bread Baking 101. Otherwise, dive in with the recipes below.

As always, for the best results, use a digital scale (under $10) to measure the flour. And if you’ve yet to try instant yeast, which can be stirred into the dry ingredients without being bloomed first, there’s no time like the present. SAF is my favorite.

ALL the bread recipes in the archives can be found here → Bread

My Mother’s Peasant Bread

Light Brioche Buns, Even Better
Light Brioche Buns, Even Better

Overnight, Refrigerator Focaccia
overnight, refrigerator focaccia

No-Knead Thyme Dinner Rolls

Holly’s Challah

Holly’s Babka

Quinoa Flax Toasting Bread
quinoa-flax toasting bread

Overnight Bialys

Very Good Bagels, Easy-ish Too
Very good Bagels, easy-ish, too

Seedy, Sprouted Wheat Sandwich Bread

The Best Gluten-Free Bread

Overnight Brioche Cinnamon Rolls
overnight brioche cinnamon rolls