Winner winner 18 chicken dinners! Here is a roundup of 18 of my favorite chicken dinners. From whole roasted chicken with the crispiest skin to tarragon broiled boneless skinless breasts to sheet pan chicken and cauliflower shawarma, the recipes included here are some of the ones I turn to most frequently for their ease and reception. Who doesn’t love a chicken dinner?

18 favorite chicken dishes
18 favorite chicken dishes

Hello from Memphis! Some of you know Alexandra’s Kitchen was nominated for a Saveur Blog Award in the weeknight cooking category. It was a complete surprise and even more of a surprise to learn last night that Alexandra’s Kitchen won the Editors’ Choice Award.

Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog over the years. I feel so lucky every day to be able to cook and photograph and write about food.

Below are 18 of my favorite chicken dinners, and if you’re looking for a place to start, I highly recommend the Zuni Cafe Roast Chicken. Every time I make it, I am astonished by how beautifully it cooks, emerging with evenly golden skin and juicy meat throughout. I don’t even bother with the herbs anymore, though I do salt the chicken ahead of time—I shoot for the morning or early afternoon of the day I plan on roasting it.

And if you’re looking for an especially weeknight friendly meal, I can’t recommend the broiled tarragon chicken breasts enough. I am typically not a huge fan of white meat, but I love this recipe, and I love how quickly it comes together.

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1. Ottolenghi’s roast chicken with clementines.
Ottolenghi's chicken with clementines

2. Roast chicken with parmesan, white wine, and olive oil.
Parmesan Chicken with white wine and olive oil

3. Sheet pan chicken legs with Brussels sprouts and balsamic.
sheet pan balsamic chicken and brussels sprouts

4. Sheet pan tarragon chicken and potatoes.
sheet pan chicken and potatoes

5. Roast chicken with sherry and sherry vinegar.
Roast Chicken with Sherry Vinegar

6. Canal House chicken thighs with preserved lemon.
canal house chicken thighs with preserve lemon

7. Broiled tarragon chicken breasts.
broiled tarragon chicken breasts

8. Merrill’s chicken fingers.
merrills chicken fingers

9. Favorite tacos.

10. Chicken and cauliflower shawarma.
chicken and cauliflower shawarma

11. Honey-baked chicken legs.
Honey baked chicken legs

12. Ina Garten’s mustard roasted chicken.
Ina Garten's mustard roasted chicken

13. Moroccan chicken and rice.
Moroccan chicken and rice

14. Chicken with preserved lemon and green olives.
chicken with preserved lemons and green olives

15. Nobu’s chicken teriyaki two ways.
Nobu's chicken teriyaki two ways

16. Chicken skewers with all-purpose Thai peanut sauce.
chicken skewers with all-purpose Thai peanut sauce

17. Zuni Café roast chicken (and bread salad, if you want).
Zuni Café roast chicken

18. Honey soy chicken legs.
honey soy chicken legs